Middle School

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Middle School

Adolescence is a time of significant growth and change in the lives of our students. While this period of development has its challenges, it is also an exciting time as students begin to develop a broader awareness of the world and their place in it. At NCCS, our faculty and staff work in cooperation with the family and church to provide a learning environment that supports and nurtures our students academically, spiritually and socially as they work through this transition from childhood to young adulthood.

Middle School Program

In middle school, the academic program becomes more specific as students take a defined program of study that includes coursework in the five core areas of Bible, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The curriculum incorporates more extensive reading, writing assignments and individual and team projects designed to help prepare students for the rigors of our college preparatory high school program.

Our middle school Bible curriculum is a two-year study of the Old and New Testaments that helps our students develop an understanding of mankind’s relationship with God and His sovereign plan as demonstrated in creation, the fall man, and God’s plan for redemption of mankind through Jesus Christ.

Our middle school English courses focus on helping students develop a solid knowledge of the English language and to build their skills in reading, writing and speaking. The courses incorporate studies of literature, the writing process, elements of grammar and vocabulary development. Middle school science classes focus on providing a strong knowledge base in the Physical, Life, and Earth Sciences and provide students with introductory experiences in our science laboratories, helping them develop skills in collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking. Our mathematics program offers a range of content that includes refinement of basic math skills, as well as higher level thinking and reasoning skills involved in Algebra 1. Middle school social studies courses provide a broad survey of the history of the United States and the world.

Middle school students also receive an introduction to Spanish and have the opportunity to explore the fine and practical arts in Band, Choir, Art, Keyboarding, Computer Applications, and Study Skills. Physical development, teamwork, athletic skills and knowledge are the primary focus of Physical Education.

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